Due to the fact that Akron ships most orders for their lighting products within days of receipt, David's does not stock all of the extensive combinations available from them.  Rest assured, if a light does have to be special ordered, it will not take very long for your department to receive the merchandise.


Akron 12V Daymaker Telescoping Light The lights shown on this page represent our most popular configurations of the Akron ExtendaLite product line.  The unit pictured to the left is a 12 volt model called the Day Maker.  Each head contains a combination spot/flood bulb. The individual spot bulbs are rated at 200,000 candlepower and the individual floods are rated at 100 watts. The entire lamp head assembly draws a maximum of 24.9 amperes at 12 volts, DC.  A three position switch on the crossbar allows the operator to select from "Flood", "Spot", or "Off".  

This light head is available on any pole type pictured on this page as well as a pneumatic pole which is not shown.  The pole in the picture to the left is a "pull-up" type.  It is designed to be mounted on the side of a truck body or to pass through the top surface of an apparatus body.  The friction lock is at the top where the operator would be to position the unit and lock it in place.


Akron Extenda-Pod Telescoping Light in Showroom This light features the standard,  120 volt, 500 watt quartz head which is mounted on an ExtendaPod pole assembly. (Picture to the right shows a 1000 watt light head) This light can be installed on an apparatus body near an outlet and used as a fixed, extending flood light.  By pulling a knob and unplugging the unit, it can be removed from the apparatus and transported to a location where light is needed and then be supplied by an extension cord. 

The ExtendaPod pole assembly is available with all of the light heads pictured on this page.  The standard pole allows the light to be extended to a full 11 feet when set up as a tripod on the ground and even higher when mounted on your apparatus. 


Akron Extenda Pod Light Standing


This light features the Beta 4000 light head. The lower profile and smaller overall size make this unit attractive where space is limited.  This light head is available on all other poles featured on this page. 

The pole that is shown is a "Push-Up" style.  It is designed to be installed on a vertical, outside surface.  The fiction lock is at the bottom of the mounting system so the operator can remain at ground level to raise, position, and lock the light in place.  This feature is very desirable in today's safety conscious atmosphere since it keeps your personnel from having to climb around on the apparatus.

Akron Push-Up ExtendaLite with Beta 4000 Head



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