Modified Flatbed Grass Unit

2015 Dodge 5500, 2 Door
4 x 4
6.7L Diesel
6 Speed Automatic Transmission
19,000 GVWR
60" Cab to Axle

96" Wide, 116" Long
Modified Steel Flatbed
Aluminum Compartmentation
Roll-up Doors
Door Opening Compartment Dimensions at Bottom of This Page

Compartment L1 - Four SCBA Brackets
Compartment L2 - Adjustable Shelf
Compartment R1 - Adjustable Shelf
Compartment R2 - Adjustable Shelf
Compartment R3 - Uni-Struts for Future Shelf
Rear Compartment - Roll-Out Tray

Pump System
CET Mid-Range Pump with 20HP Honda Engine
300 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
Trident Around-the-Pump Foam System
8 Gallon Foam Tank
Enclosed Hose Reels, 1-Left and 1-Right
Each Reel Equipped with 150' of 3/4" Booster Hose
1-1/2" Discharge for Preconnect
2-1/2" Discharge with 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" Reducer and Cap with Chain
2-1/2" Suction Inlet

Additional Equipment
Dunnage Compartment Below Flatbed, One Each Side
Warn 12,000# Electric Winch
LED Directional Bar on Rear
Left Side Scene Light
Right Side Scene Light
LED Compartment Lights
Hosebed on top of Tank


L1   36"H x 32.5"W   50"H x 39"W x 22"D
L2   36"H x 30.5"W   50"H X 40.5"W X 22"D
R1   36"H X 29"W   50"H X 39"W X 22"D
R2   36"H X 32.5"W   50"H X 35"W X 22"D
R3   36"H X 30.5"W   50"H X 40.5"W X 22"D
Rear   36"H X 46"W   50"H X 48"W X 35"D

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