(Please note:  This page represents one of the few products on this site that are not in stock.  Compressors and/or cascade systems are ordered upon receipt of order but usually can be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks.)

90CE1 Compressor

Pictured below is our 9.0 CFM Max-Air compressor. The cart and the cascade are separate items we have bundled together for display and shop purposes.  Details on the compressor are at the bottom of the page.

We have just taken delivery of this unit and it is nice.  The enclosure is very well designed with sound insulation and recessed bolts.  Everything you need to operate the unit is easy to get to.  But, the most telling portion of compressors is the electrical section. (Page Down)

Max-Air Model 90CE1 Breathing Air Compressor

Below is a picture of the electrical compartment.  As you can see, they have done a very clean job on this installation.  Wires are numbered and run in tracks to keep down the clutter.  All components are of the highest quality.  Attention to detail like this shows not only the level of competency of the builder but, pride in workmanship as well.

Max-Air Compressor Electrical Box Interior

The picture below shows the main panel of the compressor.  It should be noted that this unit is equipped with the automatic condensate drain but not with the inter-stage gauge package.

Max-Air Breathing Air Compressor Control Panel


Max-Air 90E1 Standard Features:

7.5 HP Motor Tri-Chem Purification System
Powder Coated Cabinet Convenient Control Panel
Dial-A-Pressure Gauge Drain System Collector
Hour Meter External Oil Sight Glass
Final Pressure Gauge Pressure Maintaining Valve
Relief Valves at All Stages Two (2) Pressure Outlets
One Year Warranty  


Construction:    Continuous duty air cooled, three stage, three cylinder high pressure compressor, all stainless steel interstage and final stage coolers.  Mounted in a sound attenuated, powder coated steel cabinet
Max Pressure:    5000 PSIG (340 Bar)
Approximate Output:    9.0 F.A.D. 10.8 SCFM Charging Rate *
Cylinder Diameters:    1st Stage - 95mm
2nd Stage - 38mm
3rd Stage - 14mm
Lubrication:    Splash lubrication with oil thrower pin
Oil Type:    Max-Air 101 synthetic compressor oil
Oil Capacity:    51 Ounces (1.5 Liters)
Noise Level:    81 Decibels @ 3 meters

*Based on charging an 80 cubic foot cylinder from 500 to 3000 PSIG.

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