We would like to supply your department with a pumper.  Custom or commercial, we can equip your department for a price that is lower than the "program pumpers" the big boys build but without the limited options.  Now you can get exactly what you want for a price that can't be beat.

When you take delivery of your new Reliable Fire Products pumper, here is what you will find:

Biscoe, AR, Commercial Pumper, Left Side   North Pulaski, AR, Custom Pumper, Left Side
Your body will be fabricated from 5052-H32 aluminum sheet for minimum weight and maximum strength.

ROM brand roll-up doors will make it easier for your personnel to access equipment when the apparatus is in tight spots.  No swing-out doors in the way or lift-up doors that can smack heads.

Liberal use of LEDs for the visual warning system will help cut down on the amount of power the electrical system draws.  This will result in less headaches since the system will not be operating at maximum power continuously.

North Pulaski, AR, Custom Pumper, Left Side, Doors Open   Biscoe, AR, Commercial Pumper, Left Side, Doors Open

After delivery you may find the need for an additional shelf.  It won't be a problem because we install Uni-Strut tracks for shelving as a standard feature.  Three tracks are installed in every major body compartment so shelves can easily be added any time after you take delivery without the need to drill any holes in the body.

If your unit will be equipped with a rectangular tank, the primary compartments will be a full 24" deep from top to bottom as shown the pictures above.

Biscoe, AR, Commercial Pumper, Right Side, Doors Open   North Pulaski, AR, Custom Pumper, Right Side, Doors Open
The right side compartments on the truck shown on the left are 3/4 height to maintain a good sized door opening with the roll-up doors.  We have taken advantage of the extra space above the wheel well to provide storage for up to eight air pack cylinders.  The drop-down style door ensures the cylinders will not bang against the side of the apparatus.  You may want to go to taller compartments but we wouldn't recommend anything shorter. 

The truck on the right has full height compartments.  The change in depth from the bottom to the top is caused by ladder storage provided next to the square water tank that is accessible from the rear of the apparatus.  Storing the ladders in the body rather than in a tunnel through the center of the tank results in fewer seams in the tank and less chances of problems down the road.  Storage in a water tank "pass through" is available but you must bear in mind that it will raise the height of the hose bed.

Stainless steel fenderettes are a standard feature that will help keep your apparatus looking good for years.

North Pulaski, AR, Custom Pumper, Rear View, Doors OpenNorth Pulaski, AR, Custom Pumper, Suction Hose/Ladder Compartment   Biscoe, AR, Commercial Pumper, Rear ViewBiscoe, AR, Commercial Pumper, Rear View, Door Open
If you ordered a hose reel your members will like our standard location in the center rear compartment as pictured above, on the right.  They won't have to climb on the truck to use it, even if they rewind the hose too far.  Keeping your personnel on the ground helps prevent injuries.  They will also appreciate an intermediate step which provides a safe platform for hose loading.

The picture on the left shows that you can have a massive hose bed and a low hose bed at the same time.  This hose bed holds 1,500 feet of 5", 600' of 3", and an additional 200' of 3" hose that is preconnected.  All of that hose with a square tank and we were able to keep the height to a minimum.  Next to the hosebed is storage for ladders, pike poles and suction hose.  The customer desired to have the suction hose as low as possible so it was installed beneath the ladders.  The small compartment just above the rear step is equipped with a roll-out, three sided tray.

Biscoe, AR, Commercial Pumper, Control Panel   We will install the Hale, Waterous, or W.S. Darley pump of your choice so you can standardize with existing equipment.

This pump panel is for a Hale, QMID pump.  Due to varying configurations between the pump manufacturers, the layout of your pump panel might be somewhat different than the one pictured here.

Features that will remain the same are:
    Non-Glare Black vinyl surface,
    Color coded labels,
    Liquid filled Class 1 gauges,
    Quarter turn drain valves,
    Hinged access panel,
    Master pump drain.

Other features on the panel are pretty much your choice.   


Closer examination as well as your visit to the factory will also reveal more features and benefits than can be pictured here.  Things like:

  • Welds performed by Certified welders,
  • PPG 7 year paint warranty,
  • Solid stepping surfaces,
  • Solid body construction,
  • Separate pump and body modules,
  • Maximum storage capacity with little wasted space,
  • Body engineered around chassis rather than one size fits all,
  • Stainless steel nuts, bolts and fasteners throughout,
  • Packard Weather-Pak and Metri-Pak connectors,
  • GXL wiring run in high temperature convoluted loom,
  • Heavy duty SAE type 1, automatic reset circuit breakers,
  • LED clearance and marker lights,
  • Structural steel body subframe, sandblasted and finish painted,
  • Akron valves,
  • Class 1 pump panel electronics,
  • Class 1 gauges,
  • Dielectric barriers between dissimilar metals,
  • And much, much more.

Give us a call for more information on how we can assist you and your department in owning the truck you really want for a price you can afford.

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