Paratech Rescue Struts

Paratech Rescue Struts, Comparison

One thing we look for in the products we handle is versatility.  We have found that with the Paratech strut system.  To start with, your department can choose from two different types of latching systems as shown in the picture to the left.  Click on the picture to see the two systems up close.  Additionally, all of these rescue struts are compatible with Paratech vehicle stabilization kits and USAR shoring kits.

Acme Thread Strut  The strut at the top has an acme, square thread on the inner column with a threaded collar.  This strut can be gently brought to a load carrying configuration without transferring any shock to the load.  It can be extended manually with a spanner or remotely by air, CO2, or nitrogen and then firmed up with a spanner. 

Lockstroke Strut  This strut is designed to be remotely extended and locked without endangering personnel.

Both types of strut are manufactured from a 3" aluminum alloy tube and a 2-1/2" solid aluminum alloy shaft.  You can see the results in the chart below.

Length 2:1 Safety Factor 3:1 Safety Factor 4:1 Safety Factor
2 Feet 43,500 Pounds 29,000 Pounds 21,750 Pounds
4 Feet 35,880 Pounds 23,920 Pounds 17,940 Pounds
6 Feet 28,250 Pounds 18,830 Pounds 14,125 Pounds
8 Feet 24,050 Pounds 16,030 Pounds 12,025 Pounds
10 Feet 10,725 Pounds 7,150 Pounds 5,260 Pounds
12 Feet 7,660 Pounds 5,100 Pounds 3,830 Pounds

As you can see, they are as strong as they look.

Paratech Rescue Strut

Here are the part numbers and lengths of the struts:

Type Collapsed/Extended Part Number
Acme 18"/25.2" 22-796206
Acme 24.4"/36.6" 22-796200
Acme 36.2"/57.5" 22-796202
Acme 54.75"/90.25" 22-796204
Lockstroke 18.8"/24.5" 22-796006
Lockstroke 24.8"/35.4" 22-796000
Lockstroke 36.6"/58.3" 22-796002
Lockstroke 55.5"/87.3" 22-796004

Paratech Rescue Strut Extensions
Now, you can pick from the available extensions.  Extensions are made from the same aluminum alloy tubing as the struts.  A spring loaded locking pin allows the extension to be firmly attached to a strut.  Extensions are not necessary to use struts.  However, a widely chosen set of extensions will allow you to use struts that would otherwise be too short for a situation.  Extensions will also cut down on the amount of cribbing and shoring needed in some circumstances.

Length Part Number
6" 22-796017
12" 22-796012
24" 22-796024
36" 22-796-36



Finally, it is time to choose base plates.  All bases attach and detach through a pull on a simple spring loaded pin.  Below is a list of baseplates available and their part number with a brief description.

  Part Number Name Description
Paratech Rescue Strut Square Base 22-796070 6" Square Base Rigid, w/holes for bolts or nails
Paratech Rescue Strut Swivel Base 22-796060 6" Square Swivel Base Freely swivels about a sphere

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22-796140 6" Square Hinged Base Free movement is limited to one axis
Paratech Rescue Strut Cone Base 22-796080 Cone Base Sharp point to gain purchase
Paratech Rescue Strut Angle Base 22-796092 Angle Base 90 Degree plate with holes
Paratech Rescue Strut "V" Base 22-796090 V Base For purchase on round objects
Paratech Rescue Strut Rubber Base 22-796190 Rubber 4" Base 4" rubber pad for traction
Paratech Rescue Strut 4" Channel Base 22-796134 4" Channel Base Fits a 4" x 4" beam, w/holes

Now you will have created a basic strut system.  But, Paratech is not through yet.  They have even more items you can add to enhance the capabilities of your set like control package options, tripod conversion kit, and more.  Give us a call and we can help you get started on owning your own set of Paratech Rescue Struts.

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