Akron Quarter-Turn Ball Valve

Akron valves are the "gold standard" when it comes to apparatus valves.  They are designed specifically for the fire service to be dependable and easy to repair.  Further, they have provisions to prevent hydraulic forces from moving the ball which allows the valve to be reliably gated down and remain in the position you set it.  Once an Akron valve has been properly installed it can easily be removed from its mating flanges without disturbing existing piping.  Akron valves come standard as shown above, with female pipe thread flanges.  They can be ordered with male or female NST threads and a variety of other configurations as well.  We stock the standard configuration as shown and  an assortment of other flanges.

Size Part#
1" AK8810
1-1/2" AK8815
2" AK8820
2-1/2" AK8825
3" AK8830


Akron Valve Repair Kits

Akron Ball Valve Repair Kits

We stock kits to repair Akron valves in the rare event one should need it.  You can use the chart below to find the correct part number of the kit you need.

Size Part#
1" AK8903
1-1/2" AK8904
2" AK8905
2-1/2" AK8906
3" AK8907


Industrial Grade Valves

American Industrial Quarter Turn Ball Valve

If you have an application that needs a good valve and you are not worried about breaking down some plumbing if it needs repaired, this valve will do the job at a very reasonable price.  It is rated at 600 PSI and has a smooth quarter turn action.  The stainless steel ball will give you years of service without problems.  You can use this chart to find the correct part number for your application.

Size Part#
1/2" AM1001/2
1" AM1001
1-1/2" AM10015
2" AM1002
2-1/2" AM10025
3" AM1003

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