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Rope Throw Bag


Water rescue rope throw bag with 75 feet of (floating) polypropylene rope.


RB440YL Hydrant Tool Bag


Hydrant tool Bag.  Attaches to hydrant end of hose and need not be removed when charging the line.  Will fit up to 5" hose.  22"L x 16" circumference.

RB439YL Large Hydrant Tool Bag


Large hydrant tool bag. Attaches to hydrant end of hose and need not be removed when charging the line.  Will fit up to 5" hose.  27" x 9" x 6".

  RB441YL Oversized Hydrant Tool Bag


Oversized hydrant tool bag. 26"L with a 20" circumference.  Will fit 5" hose.


RBIRS125 Irons Sling


Irons Sling. Locks together an axe and a halligan bar.  Adjustable shoulder strap w/quick release.  Blade sheath.


RBHS150 Hose Strap


Securely holds 50', 100', or 150' of double jacket hose.  Three velcro closures


RBGRP57 Gripper System Hose Strap


Gripper Hose System.  Consists of three heavy duty nylon straps with a padded shoulder sling.  Cab Buckles easily opened with gloved hand.  Holds up to 150' of 1-3/4" hose.


RBM/SHP Durable Hose Pack


Durable hose pack holds up to 150' of 1-3/4" hose.  One end opens so hose may be pulled out for hose lay or hose cab be removed from top.


RBHOV200 Cross Body Hose Strap


Adjustable and removable shoulder strap for cross body use.  Also has handles for two man carry.  Holds up to 200' of 1-3/4" hose.

  RB887RD RIT Bag


RIT. bag can be set up for tools only or as a carrier for supplemental air supplies for RIT operations.  Quick open top and rigid bottom.  12"H x 13"W x 29"L

RB888RD Rapid Air Transit Bag


RAT (Rapid Air Transit) bag to transport emergency air to trapped personnel.  Rigid bottom allows it to be dragged when necessary.  21"L x 9"W x 10"H w/tool pocket 7"W x 20"L.


  RBLDH-01YL Large Diameter Hose Strap


Hose strap for large diameter hose.  3" nylon webbing w/quick release storage strap.  Great when combined with a hydrant tool kit.

RBDD100 Double Donut Strap


The double donut strap holds two 50' sections of 1-3/4" hose, with shoulder strap.

  RBSGS1 Single Gripper Strap with Buckle


Single gripper strap w/stainless steel buckle.  Length expandable from 8" to 43".  Use multiple straps to create hose pack of your choice.

RBGSGS-2 Single Hose Wrapper


Use these hose wrappers to create your own custom hose pack.  Adjusts from 18" circumference to 32".  Velcro closure.  Sold as a single strap.

  RBMSFO Fold-Out Hose Pack


Fold-Out version of the hose pack.  The pack completely unfolds to become flat for ease of access and packing.

RBMSSS Milwaukee Shoulder Strap


Milwaukee shoulder strap.  2" nylon web, 48" long.  Aluminum carabineer on each end.

  RBMSAB Hose and Accessory Bag


Milwaukee Strap hose and accessory bag.  Heavy duty.  17"L x 10W x 12"H.

RB443RD The Tool Bag


No flaps, zippers or closures between you and the gear you need quickly.  Rigid sides and bottom.  Outside pocket.  21" x 9" x 9.5".

  RB442 RD Carry Type Hydrant Bag


This hydrant bag is not designed to attach to the end of a hose.  Large enough to hold valves and wyes.  24"L x 12"W x 9"H.

RB889RD Rubble and Debris Bag


Rubble bag to aid in removing debris during mop-up.  26"W x 22"D x 21"H.

  RB423RD High Rise Hose Pack


This high rise hose pack can carry up to 150' of 1-3/4" hose with a nozzle and adapters with handles and shoulder straps.  26"H x 18"W x 7"D

RB420RD Forestry Hose Back Pack


Forestry hose back pack. Carry handles, zippered outside pocket, padded shoulder straps.  11"D x 16"H x 18"W.

  RB422RD Hose Roll Bag


Hose roll bag.  Designed to carry rolls of hose, will accommodate 100' of 3" hose.  22"H x 22"W x 8"D.


RBGS250 Glove Strap


The glove strap attaches to your bunker gear to secure gloves when not in use.  Stocked in Black Only.

  RB890RD Cribbing Bag


Cribbing bag allows for storage and easy access to cribbing.  17"W x 13"D x 14"H (Contents not included)


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