Beacon Pro

These LED beacons are a great replacement for road flares.  The beacons are 3.75" diameter and 1.75" thick.  Using 4 AA alkaline batteries, they will deliver up to 20 hours of light in the steady mode and up to 60 hours when flashing.  Strong magnets on the back make them very versatile.  They are also able to take up to a 20,000 pound load so the average vehicle will not do permanent damage to them if they get run over.  We stock them in amber and red.




Weighted Base:  3.75" diameter x 0.25" thick steel discs, 12.2 ounces.  When attached to the lights by their magnets, the lights can be used for a helicopter landing zone without flying away in the propwash. A threaded hole in the center allows the base to be threaded onto the cone adapter to make a stand for the lights.

Cone Adapters: 10.5" tall x 0.5" thick.  This is basically a 1/2" diameter rod with a 3.75" flat disc top on one end and threads on the other end.  When used alone, the Beacon Pro light(s) and attached to the disc with their internal magnets and the rod is slipped into the top of a traffic cone.  The rod can also be attached to the weighted base and form a stand.


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