Cascade Systems

David's sells cascade systems utilizing the lightweight 4500 PSI, DOT type cylinder that has become the most popular in the fire service.  (We can supply 6000 PSI DOT, 5000 PSI DOT, 5000PSI ASME and others, we just do not keep them in stock.)  Each cylinder is valved with the correct CGA-347 thread to be compliant with all statutes as well as to ensure compatibility with other systems in an emergency.  Cascade systems are available with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 cylinders.  Past that point they are not considered efficient without a compressor and are approaching the cost of one anyway.

3 Cylinder Cascade System on Showroom Cart

The system pictured above is mounted on our compressor stand.  The cascades as we sell them do not include any mounting system.  Each system does include the correct number of tees and pigtails to fit the number of cylinders you specify.  If your cascade will be connected to a compressor, you should let us know when you order it so we can add a "T" for the final cylinder. 

The pressure regulator is to make sure air pack bottles do not get overfilled and should be considered a must when filling standard aluminum cylinders rated at 2,216 PSI.  Should a cylinder be overfilled it is most likely that the burst disc will blow instead of the cylinder but, that will be one less cylinder in service.

The standard fill hose with our cascade systems has the valve and bleeder assembly right at the handnut (see below).  This means that only a short section of hose needs to be bled to release the hand tight nut which saves air.  Further, a pressure gauge is attached to the business end of the fill hose so the operator can instantly tell if the cylinder that is being filled has a faulty gauge.

Fill Head Assembly for SCBA Fill Hose

All in all, we feel we give our customers a lot more bang for their buck by supplying high quality systems for very reasonable prices.  Stop by our showroom for a demonstration.  Breathing air systems are not a place to save time by not doing the background work.  We are sure you will come back to see us once you have checked out all the available systems.


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