Dry wall hooks are becoming increasingly popular with our customers.  They are great for digging in and finding the hidden fires in not only drywall but plaster as well. 

Reliable Fire Products Drywall Hook

Reliable Fire Products Drywall Hook, Head OnlyThe unit we stock is made by Reliable Fire Products.  As you can see by the picture to the left, the tool head is a fairly aggressive piece of equipment.  The entire head is fabricated from 3/16" steel plate that is plasma cut and formed.  The blade on the top is also made of 3/16" steel plate. The forward, vertical edge and the rearward, slanted edge of the blade are both beveled to provide cutting edges to gain a purchase in the wall.  The tool can then be turned around and the teeth used to rip away large sections of drywall.

The fiberglass reinforced plastic handle is 1-1/4" in diameter with a heavy wall thickness for maximum strength and light weight.   The "D" handle grip is standard as well.

Drywall hooks are not limited to ripping out drywall, they can also be used as rakes or hoes during cleanup.  As with any tool a fire department uses, imagination is really the only limit to what you can do with it.

Reliable Fire Products drywall hooks come in these configurations:

  • 3' with "D" Handle
  • 4' with "D" Handle
  • 6' with "D" Handle


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