The Cannon has to be seen to be believed.  This thing is blinding.

This powerful light can be used as a hide-away in vehicle light housings or it may be surface mounted using the included bezel.  Encased in its weatherproof cap lie 12 exceptionally bright 4-watt LEDs, allowing for paramount, unobstructed 360 degree lighting.  Engineered with an advanced thermal heat management system, the Cannon features more than 15 flash patterns, including a steady burn ideal for compartment lighting.  The unit is self contained and includes an inline driver and a black surface mount flange. 

We keep the following colors in stock:


  •   5 year warranty

  •   12, 4-watt LEDs

  •   1" high with a 1.5" base

  •   Lens designed for optimal light dispersion

  •   features 2 mode activation and dual color functionality

  •   In-line driver fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance

  •   Does not produce radio frequency or electric magnetic interference (RMI/EMI)

  •   Aluminum base with advanced thermal management system for quality-assurance

  •   Built for internal mount within head or tail lights or for surface mounting with flange

  •   Includes synchronize feature for alternating and synchronous flashing of multiple bulbs


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