North American Fire Hose NAFH-187™ Type I Forestry Hose


Stocked in 50' and 100' sections.

Single jacket, 1" ID fire hose. Lightweight and easy to handle in the wild, forestry hose is the answer when you have to pack hose around the outdoors.  Coupled with reusable expansion ring type couplings.

  • Synthetic filament polyester warp and filler yarns are unaffected by the effects of mildew and rot, requiring less maintenance after use.
  • The Dura-Thane™ polyurethane inner lining is extremely strong and durable, while maintaining a lightweight and compact profile.
  • Meets all requirements of the U.S. Forest Service Standard 5100-187 for Type I construction.
  • Both the hose and couplings are Made in the USA.


Hose Size Specification Number Acceptance
Test PSI
 Test PSI
Bowl Size Weight per 100' UNCPLD
1" NAFH-187 500 PSI 250 PSI 1 1⁄4"   9 lbs.
1 1/2" NAFH-187 500 PSI 250 PSI 1 3⁄4" 13 lbs.




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