North American Fire Hose Hi-Flow 400 LDH


Nitrile is the key ingredient in this hose. (Click Here if you want to see the technical stuff on nitrile.)  Nitrile is one of the most heavily used rubber compounds where chemical, cut, and abrasion resistance are a must.  The combination of nitrile and the woven jacket result in a 1750 PSI tensile strength.  Tough stuff.  It won't rot or mildew. 

  • 100% synthetic reinforcement, totally encapsulated in a Nitrile Rubber compound utilizing a through-the-weave process.
  • A heavy duty rubber hose construction with good heat and chemical resistance.
  • The hose is made in Spain to NAFH specifications, and the couplings are Made in USA.
  • Both the hose and couplings are fully NFPA 1961 compliant.
  • Available in yellow and red color only.


Hose Size Specification Number Acceptance Test PSI Service Test PSI Bowl Size Weight per 100' UNCPLD
4" HF-400-LDH 400 PSI 200 PSI 4 5/16"   80 lbs.
5" HF-400-LDH 400 PSI 200 PSI 5 5/16" 110 lbs.



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