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Below are some pictures of our Walk Around Rescue product.  If you would like to see pictures with higher resolution, either send us an email or call our toll free number.

Light Duty Rescue, Bald Knob Before Lettering, Right Side
Oak Grove, AR, Light Duty Rescue with Light Tower Extended, Left Side Firestone Polymers, Orange, TX, Tool Board Extended
Light Duty Rescue, Right Rear Corner, Doors Open, Rear Tray Fully Extended
Firestone Light Duty Rescue with Hosebed, Rear View Light Duty Rescue from Right Front Corner
Firestone Polymers, Door Graphics Medkium Duty Rescue Truck on Chevy 5500 Chassis, Left Side
Medium Duty Rescue, Left Side, Doors Open Light Duty Rescue, Rear View
Medium Duty Rescue, Rear View with Fully Extended Roll-Out Tray Rear View of Light Duty Rescue Body
Henderson Couty Rescue #2, TN, Right Side w/Graphics Medium Duty Rescue with Doors Open

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