PBI Bunker gear offers the maximum in thermal protection as well as abrasion resistance.  Due to the low number of requests for PBI, we do not stock this style of gear but, it is on a stock shipping program and the delivery times have been decent.

Veridian, Yocco Integrated Rescue Harness (Yoc Strap)January of 2007 saw a big change in NFPA 1971 recommended turnout gear design.  Coats made to the standards will now feature an integrated rescue harness to aid in the rapid rescue of downed firefighters.  The rescuers simply have to locate the back of the coat collar to deploy a built-in, underarm sling and then drag to victim to safety. 


If you are wondering what PBI is, click here for the generic description.  If you clicked that link and came to the conclusion that PBI is a plastic, you are correct.  It is a very exotic and expensive plastic that is so hard it must be combined with a softener in order to weave a fabric from it.  In the case of turnout gear, the softening agent is Kevlar.  That's right, it is softened with the material they make bullet proof vests from.  PBI is some tough stuff.

The coats are all 32" long and matched with five panel, high back trousers.  This system reduces the weight and bulk in the coat to allow for freer movement while keeping the firefighter's back covered when crawling through the heat.

Below are just a few of the features on the gear we have in stock for immediate shipment.

Veridian Advance Turnouts

  • Multi-piece panel construction: Superior form, fit and function
  • NFPA Labeled/UL Certified. OSHA, CAL-OSHA compliant
  • No-rivet construction:  Reduces hot spots and fabric tears
  • Triple Nomex-stitched stress areas:  Adds durability and garment life
  • 32" Long coat
  • Collar:  Stand-up, multi-piece, insulated full closure protection
  • Throat tab:  Overlapping insulated protection allows full interface with SCBA styles
  • Sleeve design:  Two-piece built-in contoured design with leather cowhide cuffs
  • Shoulder:  Roomy design enhances range of motion while virtually eliminating underarm tears and reducing coat rise
  • Outer storm flap:  Extra wide for superior frontal protection; bar-tack reinforced.  FR Hook and Loop closure provides "no gap" protection
  • Inner closure system:  Heavy-duty, smooth-action, black anodized brass zipper
  • Wristlets:  Double knit Nomex/Spandex extra-long with thumbhole for maximum wrist protection
  • Sta-Dri water well inner cuff:  Extra deep with inner liner thermal and moisture barrier protection
  • Inner liner:  Full length, removable inner thermal and moisture barrier assembly edge bound for shape retention after cleaning
  • Metal components:  All non-sparking, non-conductive, corrosion-resistant.  Use is minimized to reduce heat transmission
  • Pockets:  Self fabric reinforced
  • Inner fly closure:  FR Hook and Loop closure for thermal/moisture protection
  • Generous seat design:  Triple-stitched primary seams provide added strength and comfort
  • Pant cuffs:  Reinforced with 2" FR chrome leather cowhide
  • 3M Reflective Trim
  • Center bellows/handwarmer pockets
  • Radio pocket on left chest
  • Microphone tab above radio pocket
  • PASS/Flashlight tab on right chest

As you can see, this is full feature gear that we can supply your community from stock.  No six month wait to get  protective clothing that has all of the options you need to perform your tasks safely.

Now, for the technical stuff.  Follow the links for additional information.

Shell Material   PBI  Kevlar/Nomex IIIA
Thermal Barrier Material   Aralite
Moisture Barrier Material   Stedair 3000
Cuff Reinforcement Material   Leather (Cowhide)
Wristlet Material   Double Nomex/Spandex Knit
NFPA Compliance   Certified by Underwriter's Laboratories

For some background on the high tech aramid and para-aramid fibers used in the construction of fire fighting clothing, here is the wikipedia entry.

If you are ever in our neighborhood, please stop by and take a close look at our Advance turnouts.  We think you will be pleased. 


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