Personal Monitors

Personal monitors are a recent innovation in the fire service.  They are compact and lightweight, allowing an individual to establish a heavy attack with minimum resources.  They can be left unmanned with some restrictions.


Akron Brass Style 3443 Personal Monitor   Akron Style 3443

Rated flows up to 500 GPM.  Designed to deploy quickly and stably. Elevation from 30 to 60 degrees when unmanned, down to 20 degrees when manned. Only weighs 14 pounds (without nozzle.) Note, the picture shows the optional nozzle.  (Click on picture for larger version.)

Akron Brass Style 4447 Mercury Nozzle for Personal Monitor   Style 4447 Mercury Nozzle

This nozzle is specially designed for the Style 3443 personal monitor.  Excellent straight stream performance and a wide, dense, fully adjustable fog pattern.  Flow is adjustable to 250, 375, or 500 GPM. Weighs just 5 pounds. (Click on picture for larger version.)


Protek Style 600 Personal Monitor

Protek Style 600

Rated for flows up to 600 GPM. Elevation adjustable from 30 degrees to 60 degrees when unmanned, down to 20 degrees when manned.  Rotates up to 20 degrees to the left or right.  Weighs 15 pounds.  Nozzle purchased separately.  (Click on Picture for larger version.)


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