CET Fire Pumps offer our customers the best bang for their hard to find budget dollar.  You may click on pictures or graphs for a larger version of either one.

(Note: Some of the pictures show optional features.  Please ask your sales representative about the standard features for the model you select.)

CET PFP-11HPHND Pump with Wrap-Around Frame An 11 horsepower Honda engine and a nice flow curve make this pump ideal for a single handline or booster hose.  Click the picture or chart for larger views. (Picture shows optional items.)

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This pump is ideal for multiple handlines or transferring water with its 20 HP Honda engine. Click the picture or chart for larger views.  (Pictured pump has optional equipment installed.)

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CET Floating Pump This high volume Honda powered floating pump is the most efficient on the market and provides the highest volume in its range.

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