The PSS 7000 was developed with direct input from fire fighters throughout North America.  The only self contained breathing apparatus designed and developed by the world's largest SCBA manufacturer to meet NFPA 1981-2007 edition standard.

The PSS 7000 SCBA was designed to provide firefighters with exceptional safety, comfort and durability.  Drager continues its ongoing commitment to provide firefighters with the latest state-of-the-art breathing apparatus.  The PSS 7000 is a world class breathing apparatus instilling confidence to the firefighter during operational use.

Drager PSS7000 Self Contained Breathing ApparatusThe new harness suspension system is a key feature of the Drager PSS 7000.  The advanced compression molded comfort padding combined with high temperature performance provides excellent wear characteristics.  The newly designed harness suspension system provides the ultimate in wearer comfort.  The outer surface of the harness is made from a vulcanized chloroprene rubber providing excellent stability and the harness remains in position and secure to the firefighter's body.  Advanced designed harness friction buckles allow for quick and easy donning and doffing of the PSS 7000 SCBA.

The PSS 7000 carbon fiber composite back plate is adjustable to fit the torso length of any firefighter.  The unique 3-position height adjustment feature allows the wearer to adjust the height of the back plate quickly. 

The PSS 7000 back plate moves with the user.  The unique self-adjusting, pivoting waist belt design allows the back plate to automatically lengthen and pivot with the user's movements for true comfort and unrestricted movement.  The weight of the PSS 7000 SCBA rides on the hips, thus reducing back strain and increasing stability and balance, providing a lower center of gravity.  This design allows the wearer to work more effectively with less fatigue.

For Rapid cylinder change, they have developed the Drager Quick Dock system (DQD).  This allows for fast secure cylinder change-out in just a few seconds saving valuable time.  This option allows for mutual aid cylinder exchange when necessary.

With over 10 years experience in electronic PASS technology, Drager has been able to develop the Sentinel 7000, a fully integrated "Smart Electronic Monitoring Device" housed in a robust impact resistant waterproof housing.   The Sentinel 7000 is both a cylinder pressure gauge and an integrated PASS warning device with visual and attention demanding (>95dBA) audible warning system.  The PASS alarm uses a solid state surface mounted accelerometer motion sensor that measures movement on two axis, providing excellent repeatability and reliability.  Three high temperature resistant sounders, one on the front and two on the rear of the SCBA, plus high intensity buddy lights provide audible and visual warning to the firefighter as well as other team members on the fire ground.  The Sentinel 7000 can be easily programmed with the firefighters personal information using Drager's Smart Card Technology (SCT).  "Real time" information about the SCBA is provided to the firefighter every 30 seconds.   Information such as cylinder pressure and time to low air warning etc. can be down loaded at a later time. 

Built to take the heat and exceed the NFPA 1981-2007  edition standards, the PSS 7000 was developed as a result of us listening and paying close attention to our customers.  THE Drager PSS 7000 SCBA provides maximum flexibility for fire departments., flexible options that are quick to attach and ready to use.  The PSS 7000 and Sentinel 7000 are built tough to meet and exceed in both high temperature and water immersion test.

Simple and easy maintenance guarantees a quick turnaround time in the workshop ensuring the SCBA is always ready to use.  A central battery system supplies power to the SCBA with an additional back up battery providing total reliability and confidence in the PSS 7000.

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