When performing annual fire apparatus pump tests, one or more of the following pieces of equipment will be needed.



Akron Brass Pitot Gauge with CaseThis is the "old standby" system of measuring the pressure in the center of a solid bore nozzle.  The blade is held against the nozzle tip with the end in the center of the stream and a pressure reading is taken.  The pressure can then be converted to gallons per minute with the help of a chart or the handy slide rule that comes with the unit.  The gauge comes in a hard shell carrying case.  The gauge has a 3-1/2" diameter face with a 0-160 PSI scale in two pound increments and is certified to be accurate to 1%, full scale.  A bleeder is built into the handle and the gauge is liquid filled to reduce fluctuations.




Akron Brass Fire Pump Flow Test Kit

This kit is ideal for testing pumps on a regular basis.  The unit connects directly to the master stream appliance and automatically centers the pitot blade in the stream.  It gives out a constant reading which allows the user to simply glance at the gauge while staying dry (a hose may also be installed to allow the operator to locate the gauge near the pump panel).  The unit comes standard with 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2", and 2-1/4" tips.  This combination allows testing of the most common fire pumps.  Additional tip sizes are available.




Akron Brass Fire Pump Test Gauge Kit

These gauges are designed to be connected to the UL test ports on a pump panel and then hung in a convenient location during your annual pump tests.  The vacuum gauge has a 0 to -30" Hg scale in one inch increments and is certified to be accurate to 1%, full scale.  The pressure gauge has a 0-300 PSI scale with 5 pound increments and is certified to be accurate to 1%, full scale.  Readings with these gauges will be much more accurate than the compound gauges on your apparatus.  They also will give you the opportunity to check the calibration of your apparatus gauges.


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