Lawrence Factor Breathing Air Purification SystemPurification Cartridges
We stock replacement cartridges for MaxAir compressors because we sell them.  We can also get replacement cartridges for your compressor as well. 

As a distributor for Lawrence Factor we have access to replacement cartridges for all of the popular brands of air purifying equipment.  Lawrence Factor is a world supplier of air purifying cartridges, complete assemblies, as well as compressor parts.  If you are a high volume user, they can even supply a system where you install a special cartridge and only buy once and replace the media that goes in it. 

Some of our customers have asked us if they need to be certified to change their own filters.  We know of no rule or law that requires certification for the person performing the work.  In fact, we can't even find an outfit that will certify someone to do so.  It is the air that must be certified, not the person performing the work.


Lawrence Factor Beathing Air Sampling KitAir Certification
There is really no way of knowing if you are pumping high quality air unless you have it tested by an independent third party.  Lawrence Factor is internationally accredited as a testing lab.  Your department can get set up on a yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly testing schedule, depending on your air usage.  At the set intervals, a sampling kit will arrive in the mail.  You simply follow the easy instructions to take a sample and send the kit back.  Lawrence Factor will test your air and send you a certificate with all of the details.

The beauty of this system is that your department will have to make no phone calls, mark no dates on the calendar, or worry about anything.  Lawrence Factor will do their best to keep you in compliance.  The only effort, besides sampling, will be to keep the cartridges and oil fresh in your compressor.

Air can be tested to NFPA-1500 Grade D or NFPA-1500 Grade E.  Grade E is the higher standard of the two and must be used if your air is used for diving.  Grade D can be used for SCBA only and is the lower standard of the two.  If your compressor is in the same area as your fire apparatus or if your compressor does not use synthetic oil we recommend you test to Grade E because it includes limits for hydrocarbons.

As we noted above, you do not have to have the samples taken by someone who is certified, only your air has to be certified.

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