NST Threads
Foam Basics
Water Tanks
Annual Pump Test
Suggested Test Layouts
Coupling Hose
Testing Fire Hose

As a service to our customers, this section of the web site contains reference information that fire departments occasionally need to perform their work.  As we receive requests, we will expand this section.

NST Thread Specifications

Dry Hydrant Installation and Design Tutorial (Link to Larimer County, CO Website)

Foam Basics

Fire Hose
Fire Hose Couplings and Installation
Friction Loss per 100 Feet of Hose
Annual Test Procedure
Test Pressures for Fire Hose

Annual Pump Testing
An Overview of Annual Pump Testing
GPM Flow from Solid Bore Nozzles
Some Hose Layouts for Annual Pump Testing

How to Calculate the Size of a Water Tank

ISO Mitigation (ISO website with grading info)
Ask ISO - By the late Larry Stevens (An amazing read by an amazing man.)

Visual Inspection Procedure for SCBA cylinders?  (Luxfer)




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