David's Fire Equipment is seeking independent sales representatives to develop new territories around our current sales coverage area.  Experience in sales is not 100% necessary but would give a person a great advantage.  David's offers the following:

  • A very generous commission
  • Straightforward and simple pricing
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • A fully stocked warehouse
  • A stable company to work for
  • Wide range of products (much more than is currently on this web site)
  • Timely shipments to your customer
  • Sample Inventory for presentations
  • All accounting functions

Independent representatives enjoy a lot of freedom since they are their own boss.  They work out of their own homes, can choose the hours they work, set their own agenda, and get rewarded proportionately to their efforts.  Not everything is rosy, however.  Independents work on straight commission only, pay all of their expenses and are also responsible for their own taxes.  But, you should note that the most successful sales people work as independent reps because of the high commission rates involved.

David's representatives are given specific territories which are manageable yet hold great potential.  Successful reps normally do not require huge territories to reap the rewards they desire however, territories can be expanded or contracted as necessary to accommodate the individual.  Variables which affect territory size are population density, number of departments in the area, the strength of the local competition, and whether the prospective rep will be working full time or part time.

A prospective independent representative should bring the following traits to the table:

  • A burning desire to be successful
  • Willingness to learn new products
  • The ability to work without direct guidance on a daily basis
  • Office skills
  • Above average communications skills
  • A working knowledge of fire equipment
  • The ability to follow up on questions
  • Persistency
  • Commitment
  • An open mind to our sales methods

To be honest, sales is not for everybody.  If you have not been in sales before you should talk to someone you know who is.  The type of sales person we are looking for is not a bull**** artist.  We are seeking someone the customer looks forward to seeing on a regular basis instead of groaning when they see their car.  A customer's problems must be kept confidential and their best interests in mind.  The rep will be hearing about a department's politics but must steer clear of becoming involved in them.

Another note about sales.  Our customers prefer someone they can count on.  That doesn't just mean filling orders.  It means following through on orders and questions.  It also means reliably seeing them on a regular basis.  A newly published report on sales found that the highest percentage of new customers do not buy the first, second or even third time they see a sales rep.  The best and most reliable customers do not usually purchase until they have seen the rep nearly a dozen times.  In other words, they buy from the person who proves they will be around for a while.

If you are interested in this position, please call us at 800-264-0017.

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