Carson Model SA365 Siren Carson model SA365
This is a basic, four function siren that is priced right for the volunteer that needs a siren in his POV.  If offers a full 100 watts of power as well as user selectable options.
4-1/2"W x 1-13/16"H x 4-13/16"D

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Carson model SA385
A great basic siren with public address system.  A full 100 watts of power and many user selectable features. 
4-1/2"W x 1-15/16"H x 4-9/16"D

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Carson Model SA385 Siren
Carson Model SC1002 Carson model SC1002
A top notch siren for the volunteer's POV.  A full 100 watt, four function siren with the addition of a coaster siren tone and switching circuits for lights.  It also has many user selectable features that can be set with dip switches during installation.
6"W x 2"H x 6"D

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Carson SA-500
100/200 watt siren with public address system and radio rebroadcast capabilities. 2-1/8" H x 6-1/8" W x 5-7/8"D

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Carson Model SA500 Siren
Carson Model SC409 Siren Carson model SC409
This siren has it all.  It can be connected to produce either 100 or 200 watts, has a progressive lever switch for lights and push buttons as well.  Additionally, the push buttons can be programmed to interact with the lever switch.  Also, tons of options can be programmed with dip switches during installation.
6"W x 2"H x 6"D

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Able 2 - 31.2515
If you have limited places to mount a full siren, this unit only requires a simple, two switch panel to be mounted within reach of the driver.  The amplifier is then remote mounted under the hood or a seat.  This unit is a basic four feature siren with two siren sounds and two over-rides.
Able 2 Model 31.2515 Siren
Federal Signal Rumbler Federal - Rumbler
Rumbler is an intersection traffic clearing system that interacts with most 100 or 200 watt sirens to provide secondary, low frequency tones.  Low frequency tones have the distinct advantage of penetrating solid materials allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to FEEL the sound waves.
Take your pick of either siren speaker to the right.  Either speaker can handle a full 100 watts of sound.  Your choice only depends on the mounting location. Able 2 Standard Speakers
Carson SCP-100B Compact Speaker Carson SCP-100B
Ultra-compact, 100 watt speaker.  Measuring only 6.34"W x 5.10"H x 2.36"D, this speaker is easy to install on modern vehicles.
Carson LBH-100
Ultra-thin cast aluminum "behind the grill" style, 100 watt speaker.  6.5" diameter and 2.25" deep.
Carson LBH-100 Speaker


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