The compact camera that gets the big picture.

From complex firefighting operations that require intrinsic safety, to the documentation of training, the UCF 9000 provides high resolution images that offer more detail and more information.  The UCF 9000 is everything you expect from a Drager thermal imaging camera - and more.

Going in Prepared
It's reassuring to know that the camera that you're carrying is safe to use when entering into a hazardous area.  The Drager UCF 9000 thermal imaging camera is intrinsically safe (UL Class 1, Division 2) and provides peace of mind an increased ability to focus on the mission.  The UCF 9000 comes equipped with a host of innovative features designed to allow firefighters to use this camera for multiple firefighting applications.  This ultra high resolution camera is designed to be fully operated using only one hand.  The result is a high performance thermal imaging camera that is rugged, innovative, and easy to use.  With Drager, "Going in Prepared" means having the best technology and equipment available to help first responders meet the multiple challenges they face.

See Everything Clearer and Larger
The UCF 9000 offers 44% more detail than other firefighting thermal imaging cameras and with a wide field of view lets the user see more.  In areas where visibility is extremely limited, the UCF 9000 provides an image that is ultra clear giving users more information to make better tactical decisions.  Regardless of the environment the camera is in, the UCF 9000 display brightness automatically adjusts to give the firefighter a clear image to view.  An extended dynamic range makes it possible to clearly detect objects and people even next to extreme heat.  An ultra-fast shutter allows users to have consistent images and a clear view at all times.  The UCF 9000 has a 2x and 4x zoom that gives users the ability to get a closer look at hard to reach areas.

One Handed Operation for Ease of Use
The compact, lightweight design of the UCF 9000 will allow users to select functions with just a thumb and index finger.  When it comes to carrying the UCF 9000, it is nice to have several options.  A sturdy detachable "crawling plate" allows the user to brace the camera on the ground, providing an additional movement option.  The UCF 9000 offers various carrying options for optimal comfort and portability.

Automatically Continued Recording
The UCF 9000 has a "black box" that automatically records two hours of video.  Even when the memory card is full, the camera simply records over the beginning of the memory card.  All video and pictures can be downloaded to an external device.  An additional feature comes with the UCF 9000 camera allowing users to share that video instantly in the camera's display.

More Modes for More Tasks
The UCF 9000 offers seven modes in addition to the standard thermal mode that provides the best image for specific firefighting applications.

  •   Fire Mode: Concentrates more detail on the hotter objects for extreme heat situations

  •   Person Mode:  Concentrates more detail on the cooler objects to clearly identify victims

  •   Thermal Scan:  Highlights a set temperature threshold for smell of smoke calls and overhaul

  •   Hazmat Mode:  Color area that clearly shows liquid level and leak detection

  •   Scan Plus:  Highlights a set temperature using real images for Hazmat and overhaul

  •   Normal Image:  Color camera that can be used for training or documentation

  •   Customizable Color Palette:  Choose from five different modes that will fit your individual needs

Equipped with Standard UCF TIC II Functions
Just like the UCF 7000, the UCF 9000 has a laser pointer to mark heat sources and point out the fill level of tanks.  The "snapshot" function provides a temporary freeze-frame thermal image which is then viewed on the display for others to see.  This feature makes it possible to see hard to reach areas with freedom of movement or assess particularly difficult areas. 

Extremely Robust
The UCF 9000 is robust and rugged for extended use in the mot hostile environments.  With an extremely durable housing, the UCF 9000 is heat resistant, withstands mechanical stresses with ease, has a high protection classification IP 67 and is resistant to water, dust and other contaminants typically encountered during emergency response situations.  Modern lithium-ion battery technology proves the UCF 9000 with up to four hours of operating time, giving users peace of mind during extended operation.  Batter life can be extended by 50% when the automatic stand-by mode is activated, which wakes up the camera by simply grabbing the handle.

Standard USB Interface
The UCF 9000 is supplied with a standard USB 2.0 interface and PC software, making it possible to configure the camera and transfer thermal videos and images directly to a PC.




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