These high quality units are available in nearly any configuration.  The unit pictured below is our most popular. (Click on the picture for a larger version.) We try to keep at least one of these units in stock.   

Reliable Fire Products Skid Unit

The skid unit is based around a 250 gallon, polypropylene water tank.  The polypropylene we use is a co-polymer with UV inhibitors and fire retardants added.  It has a textured finish so scratches and gouges will not be as apparent.  The bottom of the tank is extended to form a base to mount the pump on.  The result is a one piece unit that can easily be transferred from one pickup to another.  The sides and top are 1/2" thick and the bottom is fabricated of 3/4" thick material that is extrusion welded to form a solid, heavy duty tank.  1/2" partitions inside the tank form baffles that prevent water from sloshing around and affecting the handling of your truck.  A generous 8" x 8" fill tower with hinged cover make the unit easy to refill from a pressurized source in a hurry without the need to make any connections.  The passenger side rear wall of the tank has a built-in sight gauge for reliable and accurate assessment. 

The pump is a CET brand with an 20 HP Honda engine for reliable operation.  Pump performance is as follows:
      300 GPM  at   10 PSI   
    250 GPM  at   50 PSI
    170 GPM  at 100 PSI
    100 GPM  at 150 PSI
     25 GPM  at  200 PSI
It is equipped with an electric starting motor, 36 watt alternator, low oil alert, and a marine style detachable tank.  The exhaust primer is capable of up to 20' of lift.  Rather than packings, the unit is equipped with a mechanical seal so less maintenance is required.

Reliable Fire Products Skid Unit Discharge Manifold with Akron Valves   The picture to the left shows our discharge manifold.  It is connected directly to the pump outlet by a four-bolt flange.  As you can see, there is room for additional valves should your department need to customize the unit.  This unit is plumbed for the booster reel, a 1" tank fill line (for filling from draft,) and two 1-1/2" outlets.

The valves used on this manifold are all full-flow, quarter-turn, swing-out fire apparatus grade.  The swing-out feature allows the valve to be repaired without disturbing any plumbing.


The manifold to the right is equipped with industrial style valves.  These valves are high quality with stainless steel balls with plastic seats.  However they are considerably less expensive than the apparatus style valves shown above.  If your department is on a tight budget these valves can save a nice sum.   Reliable Fire Products Skid Unit Discharge Manifold with American Valves



    The suction plumbing is pictured on the right.  There is a full-flow valve located at the tank and another at the very end of the skid unit.  This arrangement allows you to effectively draft by opening the external inlet and closing the tank valve.  Also, if you are in a hurry to fill the unit you can hook up to a hydrant and open both valves.  Additionally, the unit can be hooked up to pump directly off of a hydrant or other pressurized source. 

Victaulic couplings are used in the suction plumbing to allow for rapid service if required.


In addition to these standard features we can supply the following pre-engineered options:

  • 150 Gallon Tank
  • 300 Gallon Tank
  • 8 Gallon Foam Tank
  • 10 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Hose Trough
  • Preconnect Swivel in Hose Trough
  • Additional Discharges

As always, if you have a need that we haven't listed we will be happy to customize the unit to your desires.

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