Below is a list of the vendors we do business with.  This is not an all inclusive list of vendors or equipment so, if you don't see something, please ask.

Able 2 - Warning Lights, Sirens, Flashlights
Akron - Nozzles, Foam Eductors, Fire Appliances and Tools
Alco-Lite (Aluminum Ladder Co.) - Ladders
American Airworks - Air Fittings, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Regulators, Used Compressors
Avon Protection - SCBA
Brooks Equipment - Lexan Nozzles
Bullard - Helmets, Thermal Imagers
C & S - Industrial Style Nozzles, Pistol Grip Shutoffs
Carson Manufacturing - Electronic Sirens
Cast Products - Polished Aluminum Housings, Trim, Covers, Bezels, Etc.
C.E.T. - Portable Fire Pumps, Skid Units
Chemguard - Class A and Class B Foam
Circle D - Flood Lights
Class 1 - Gauges, Governors, Control Rods, Apparatus Fittings
Corgi - Model Trucks
Darley - PTO and Portable Pumps and Pump Parts
Drager - Breathing Apparatus, Air Testing and Monitoring Equipment
Dragon Fire - Structural Firefighting Gloves
Edison - Replacement Bulbs
Elkhart Brass - Nozzles, Monitors, Fittings
Ergodyne - Suspenders, Equipment Bags
ESS - Goggles
Federal Signal - Warning Lights and Sirens
Firefly (Pacific Reflex) - Helmet Decals
Fire Research Corp. - ManSaver Bars, Skull Savers, Pumper Electronics
Flamefighter - SCBA Brackets, Piercing Nozzles
FoamPro - Foam Injection Systems
Goodyear - Booster Hose
Grace Industries - PASS Devices
Hale - Fire Pumps, PTO Pumps, Pump Parts
Hannay - Hose and Cord Reels
Harrington - LDH Appliances, Storz Fittings
Husky - Dump Tanks, Containments
Hypres - SCBA Containment Style Fill Stations
Indian (D.B. Smith) - Water Back Packs
Junkin - Stokes Baskets, Backboards, Stairchairs
Key Fire Hose - Fire Hose
Kochek - Flexible Suction Hose, Strainers, Fittings
Kussmaul - Batter Chargers, On-Board Compressors, Auto-Ejects
Majestic - Nomex, PBI, and Carbon Hoods
MaxAir - Breathing Air Compressors
My-Lor - Incident Command Boards
Newton (A.H. Stock) - Square Dump Valves
Paratech - Rescue Struts, Air Bags, Air Cushions, Air Chisels, Hooligan Tools
Pelican Products - Pelican Cases
Perfex - Fire Brooms
POK - Gate and Hydrant Valves, Wyes, Tips
R & B Fabrications - Equipment Bags, Belts, Straps
Realwheels - Stainless Steel Wheel Covers
Reliable Fire Products - Hand Tools, Hose Tester, Hose Racks, Signs, License Plates, Brush Trucks, Rescue Trucks
ROM - Roll-Up Style Doors
Scott Plastics (Scotty) - Wildland Foam Nozzles, Eductors, Fittings, and More
Signal Vehicle Products - Sirens, Lightbars, Warning Lights
South Park Corp. - Brass Fittings and Adapters
Star Warning - Light Bars, Sirens, Warning Lights
Streamlight - Rechargable Flashlights
SuperVac - PPV Fans, Command Lights
Team Equipment - Rescue Saws, Chisels, Blades, Chains
Thorogood - Boots
Topps - Extrication Suits
Turtle Plastics - Flooring Tiles, Cribbing
Unity - Spotlights
UPF - Polypropylene Tanks
U. S. Couplings - Adapters, Couplings, Flexible Suction Hose
Ultratec - Smoke Machines, Smoke Concentrate
Vanmark - Statues (Red Hats of Courage)
Veridian - Turnout Gear
Waterous - Fire Pumps, PTO Pumps, Pump Parts
Wehr Engineering - GlassMaster
Weldon - Warning and Scene Lights
Worden Safety - Wheel Chocks
Ziamatic - Misc. Fireground Tools

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